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Another investment question...

In a few months from now I am going to have a little wolf running around in my den and I would like to get something for him on every birthday (starting out with day 1).

Although for the time being my discretionary income is a bit limited, I thought about buying a savings bond for each birthday.

I have never bought savings bonds before and I have never owned one either.

I know very little about them but I think that they would make a nice birthday present for every year.

I assume the EE would be the one to get and I also assume that you can buy them at any bank?

Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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You'd be suprised - they're not available at every bank.

In So. Cal, I know that ONLY Wells Fargo and BofA issue savings bonds -the EE or I bonds.

You can also order them online at: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/

The basics on US Savings Bonds:

- They accrue interest for 30 years after the date they are issued. They reach their peak maturity at 10 to 14 years on average.

- For each bond, you can assign a beneficiary or a co-owner.

- EE bonds are issued at HALF the face value. (Which means that a $50 face value bond is sold for $25)

- I bonds are issued at the face value ($50 I bond is sold for $50)

They do make great gifts and an inexpensive way to invest.

We actually had a customer once, that had over 300 bonds for us to cash out for her and start an education fund for their kids!

For more information, I'd visit the website above for any specific questions.

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you can also call easy saver @18005262024 and they will deduct it out of ur checking or savings account on which ever date u pick. if im not mistaken tresuary direct u have to pay the day u order the bond and on easy saver when u sign up they will take the money out of the ur account on the day and month u pick and its continuous so u can get bonds every month. but soon they will go to paperless bonds.

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