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CSC - LOTS of items under investigation?

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I know, I'm posting a lot lately. Sorry. :) I just wanted to comment on CSC's new tactic with me.

I am supposed to have 3 items under investigation. I called them up today to make sure things were under investigation because I've gotten about 5 or 6 form letters whining about this or that.


Me: "Hi. I just need to make sure which items are being investigated on my report right now."

Her: "Ok. I show you have investigations going on right now."

Me: "Can I tell you the name of the item and you tell me if it's under investigation or not?"

Her: "We don't do that. I can only tell you that you have a lot of things under investigation right now. Judgments, everything. A lot"

Me: "What? Why are judgments under investigation?"

Her:"Because you contacted us and told us to put it in dispute"

Me: "Um...no I didn't. I had them investigated in December, they came back verified, I asked for your investigation procedures. So does that mean YOU GUYS automatically put them BACK under investigation??"

Her: "We don't do that ma'am. You put them in dispute."

Me: "Well, I didn't...but anyway. Can I ask if Capital One is under investigation?"

Her: "I can't tell you that. All I can tell you is your last investigation will be finished April 19th"

Me: "If I made the disputes, why can't you tell me if they're under investigation or not?"

Her: "Miss CMChase, we don't do that. We can only tell you lots of items are under investigation..we can't tell you EVERY SINGLE thing".

:roll: Makes me curious as to what the hell they have under investigation that I didn't ask for!! Me hates CRAs. :evil: Ok...done ranting. (For now)

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If they have a local office in your area, walk in and drop a bomb-shell on them there. It's harder for them to disregard a person face-to-face than across a phone line.

I always wanted to set foot in a CRA office.

It would be like the Wizard of Oz. Just what is exactly behind the curtain???

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