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complaints to Department of Financial Institution


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I must start out that i am not computor literate. I have been doing some research via my daughter and have found that making a complaint to DFI get results with the oringinal creditor. I have found it works better than FTC and BBB, they get right on your dispute and get the creditor to correct the problem with the CRA's. especially those who have verified with the bureaus inaccurate information and won't correct it. I'm sure it can get results regarding validation because i complained that a negative account belonging to a husband was reporting on the account because the person was a authorized user and JC Pennys didn't want to take it out. After doing 2 disputes and the CRA refused to allow us to dispute the account anymore. Within a week JC Pennys administrator contacted us and said they would remove it from the credit report. I think it is a great place to make complaints and get results fast. I do not no how to do all those links but here is a place to start: www.dfi.ca.gov/lawsregcalcod.asp or www.Consumer Assistance@occ.treas.gov or www.dfi.ca.gov.consumer/askconsumer.asp.

This site is for California but, i am sure you can go to your State Regulator Department of Financial Institution and find the same. Here is a number (800)613-6743.

I think this will be a useful tool to get your credit complaints resolved faster and the creditor will know you mean business.

Hope this can help someone!

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