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Got lates off! a good will letter that worked


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yippee! UCLA reported a perkins loan 60 days late. I called the CO about taking off the lates. They said I had to contact my loan counselor at UCLA. I told her that I just pulled my credit report and was distressed to see a 60 day. I asked how I could get these removed my CR. She told me to email her a letter as to why they should remove it and a copy of the trade line.

I was ultra nice and super appreciative of the time she was taking with me...I kept hitting her over the head with compliments and appreciation. It worked like a charm. They removed the lates as a courtesy. Below is the letter I wrote her in case it helps anyone else.

I have two 120 day with Citibank I'm trying to get off. The dates are retroactive but a good will letter hasn't worked with them. I'm waiting to see what my next move should be. I've disputed them as 'not mine' which hasn't worked either...

Anyway here ya go, hope it helps:

Dear Blah Blah...

Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me today regarding my

student loan concerns. I realize how busy your office is and I appreciate

your help.


I recently pulled my credit report and discovered a 60 day delinquency for

> my Perkins loan. This distresses me because I am currently attempting to secure a consolidation loan to help alleviate the burdens of my student

loans. As you can imagine, the 60 day delinquency affects my credit report negatively and drops my FICO score. This adversely affects my ability to secure a decent consolidation loan. I am desperately trying to repay my student loans as soon as possible since they did get me through college but I would have more success with a stronger credit rating. This delinquency is one of the only things standing between myself and loan consolidation.


I realize the position that I put UCLA in when I delayed putting my loan

into deferment and I apologize for that immensely. I have definitely

learned a valuable lesson the hard way and hope that you take my request to take the 60 delinquency off of my credit report into serious consideration. Please help me by approving my appeal to clear the delinquency off of my credit report.


> Thank you,

Blah Blah

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