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Effect of paid IRS tax liens on FICO?

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Newbie here. (Apologies if this question/answer is buried somewhere in the depths.)

I have a tax lien 16K that satisfied (as of 3/03). The satisfaction appears on 2 of the 3 CRA's.

Is it worth my while to go through the rigamarole of asking the IRS to recall the lien?

:?: MAIN QUESTION: Anybody have a sense for how much this is affecting my scores, if any?

(Also have a utility bill I'm waiting for dispute outcome and student loans that I rehabilitated and should be cleaned off in April. Many thanks to the participants in this board who have pointed the way for me.)

EX 670

EQ 666 (devil of a score, huh?) :twisted:

TU 656

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There's no set number for negative remarks. FICO does not release their method for calculating their scores. Best we can do is make guesses by what others are finding.

Nevertheless, it is a negative mark, and attempts should be made to remove it. Try disputing with the CRAs first.

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I believe the IRS has a provision for removing a lien if it was entered in error or something like that.

There's also a part that reads, in part, "........ in the interest of the taxpayer" or something like that.

You need to search for IRS stuff on Google or thereabouts.

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