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Should I have my date of birth corrected????

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Hi all,

I was advised previously to have personal information that is incorrect on CR's corrected and sometimes can be done easily by calling Credit Bureau.

My credit report is a mess because of bk 7. Anyway, I was just looking at my date of birth on EXP. CR. My date of birth is 1 year off.

I was getting ready to call them about all the different addresses they have me residing at (one of them is a bank) and have them correct the addresses and also correct my date of birth.

Then I thought, could my date of birth being incorrect work to my advantage as far as have bk 7 removed?

Please let me know what you think. I will wait to make that call for other opinions.



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Thanks for the feedback !! I agree that personal information should be correct. I just wanted to check as I have made some mistakes, in the past, when trying to get TL's corrected.

Appreciate your wisdom !!


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