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Equifax - "Office of Consumer Affairs"


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Since I have a small claims suit pending against EFX (see 'Fozzle v Equifax' in the "Is There a Lawyer in the House" forum), my CR is being handled by this Office of Consumer Affairs. I called with a simple question about my report, and after being transferred three times, a lady in this "office" told me that she would have to take a message and outside counsel would get back to me. I don't expect a call back.

Hoo boy. What can I expect at this point? Has anyone else had a similar experience? It seems that the innacuracies on my CR are increasing every month, and I want to stem the tide...

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Like I said when I responded to your "Lawyer in the House"post:

Been there, done that, WON'T BOTHER to do it again!

Once you sue EQ, you are forever in Consumer Affairs.

They won't tell you that, instead you will be told it's due to the number of times you've disputed.

I went there, remain there and, quite frankly, don't mind because I get "personalized" service and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, my report is actually an ACCURATE representation of my credit.

I encourage every DAVID to take on their individual GOLIATH'S, for that is the only way we can make progress in this fight.

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I hear you, Smogtek...I probably woouldn't mind so much if someone would actually return my calls or talk to me when I call them.

But, I'm giving them enough rope... :twisted:

If you have a case pending, it would be improper for them to discuss anything with you before trial, except to offer settlement. So don't get your shorts in a bunch over it...they're just following correct procedure (this time!).

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Yep! They'll only deal with you in court.

Once that's resolved, you'll be back on speaking terms.

It took me about 3 months to get my first report after court.

Once or twice I disputed by phone and was treated like a REGULAR guy, but the next time I disputed they referred me to Consumer Affairs.

I had ONE successful dispute round online.

Best to use email to communicate with them. Usually they respond and occasionally their response is in the form of an updated report mailed to you.

Since I have no derogs left, it isn't an issue anymore.

Good luck with your fight.

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