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Stick a Fork in Me - I'm DONE!


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The smogtek has ARRIVED.

As of today, exactly 3 years after I first requested my three individual reports, my EQ report is TOTALLY CLEAN with an EQ FICO SCORE of ..................

.............drum roll please ........................


Yes, that's right, 789!

And no, this is not an April Fool's joke as we all know the CRAs have absolutely NO SENSE OF HUMOR!

I am living proof it can be done people.

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to Kristy and ALL CIC members who helped the process.

FWIW, my first EQ report was not even scoreable. EX and TU were about 595.

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Hey CONGRATS smogtek :p

I was hoping to be able to make my announcement of 'ALL DONE' this month, but Exp wont get off of my 2yr old student loan lates....<sigh>

I am DONE with Equifax 621-730

I am DONE with TU 508-742

I started nearly one year ago....

Hey time flies when your having fun!! LOL!!!

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Hey Bluebyu.......

My Exp score has been fluctuating between 689 and 659 for the past 2 months..

I have several lates (120 days) that are nearly 7 yrs old, and a few 30 days that are just over 2 yrs old...

They are reporting 5 tradelines for my 3 student loans right now...they can't seem to understand when I tell them that 2 are duplicates...grrrrrr..........

NOT GIVING UP THOUGH!!!!! :twisted:

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