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Well nearly a year ago my credit scores were in the mid-500s. I'm over 700 now!

Sold my home and bought a brand new one, got 6.25% on a stated income. My former home wasn't in my name, so didn't have that to help.

Bought a nice vehicle, got an American Express Card, and JC Penney just gave me a card with a 2000 credit line.

Made a believer out of my husband; I'm working on his now!

The cool thing is, without this board I would have been in the 500s still. I had open credit lines with good payment histories, just the old stuff was pulling me down. All I did was correct some inaccuracies. It took time and patience, but worth every minute.

Oh, and RMA is still reaging on both my hubby's individual account and mine. I'll be working on those soon.

Thanks all for all your help!

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CONGRATS grace!!!!!!!!

I know what you mean about this site being a life-saver....

I have had poor credit all of my life it seems... I was a single mom for many years and had utility collections...then a divorce where I got nailed for some past bills that were in my ex's name...then a seperation from my current husband nearly 7 years ago, again, left me with some collections (mostly utilities,) that he was suppose to pay off as he was the one who stayed behind in the house...

Here is am, 39 years old, and FINALLY have my act together where my credit is concerned. I got my first credit cards 8 months ago and have 2 of the CRA Fico scores over 700. I was plagued by collection mistakes that kept overlapping and never could 'fix' anything until I somehow stumbled onto this site....

I feel like a whole new person walking around in the world knowing I now have good credit..

aiming for the 800's!!!! :D

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Yep, Kristy's done an excellent job and has a good site here.

The feel of the forum and its' members is more "comfortable" than most and doesn't have the "friction" evident on a lot of other forums.

Keep up the good work Kristy!

And thanks.

EX = 704

TU = 716

EQ = 789

Started at 595 in April 2002.

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