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very poor, poor, fair, good, etc and corresponding scores?


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I found this on a mortage website - hope this helps you.

It is generally accepted that anyone with a 700 credit score is A credit, and over 720 is AA credit. Individual lenders technically assign their own credit grades to the credit scores, but between various lenders they are usually pretty close as to what score constitutes what grade. Here is an approximation of the credit score/grade:

Score Credit Grade

720 and up AA

700 to 719 A

680 to 699 A-/B+

660 to 679 B+/B

640 to 659 B

620 to 639 B-/C+/C

600 to 619 C/D

580 to 599 D/F

579 and below F

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Get some inquiries off and I'll finally after all these years of hard work, be slipping into the A- bracket...

It's been almost 7 years since my Ch7 discharge, maybe it's time to try to get it knocked off instead of just the tradelines.

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