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Medical collections upaid how do I get off

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I have some medical collections on my report, they are small ones, no more that 300.00, they go back as far as 1997,1998,2000.

A about a year ago or more I called they to try and settle, they want payment, but will not delete from my report. I lived in VA at the time and the company is Fredericksburg collection. They sent me a print off of the accounts.

I no longer live in va, but fl and am wondering if they still have the rights to collect on these debts. I have had two mortgages in the past two years and have never been asked to pay the off.

Just trying to clear off my report. I also have a charge off pd, date of last activiy is 9/97 as per my credit report my mortgage got, should I dispute this with the CRA to remove at seven year mark.

Also sorry for the long post.

I also have a account that I dispute last year, It was listed as a charge off

then they changed it to 120 days past due, This account was pd in full last year. the company never changed info. I forgot about disputing again, but when I got my mortgage a couple of months ago I had to explain that this was a pd account, just listed wrong. I am wondering if I can go after the CRA to remove since it was wrong, and gave me problems with getting my mortgage. Can I threaten to sue for wrong info

Thanks for any imput

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Have you tried disputing with the CRA's as not mine on any of them?

The CA sent you a print out of the accounts? what did they indicate?

The 1997 one, seems like it's 7 yr period is up, you can get the CRAs to remove it.

About the paid account, if you have a copy to show it was paid, I will send this to the CRAs and ask them to update. You can also call the company (ask for a supervisor or someone who knows what they are talking about) and request a letter confirming that this account is indeed paid, also be sure to tell them to inform the CRAs.

Yes you can dispute the 7 year period with the CRAs to delete it

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