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Warning about Experian Credit Manager service

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I enrolled in the free 30-day trial of Credit Manager with Experian. (at the end of 30 days you pay about $89.00 for continued "full membership")

The website advertised "unlimited credit report access". However, when I began to pull my daily credit reports, I found they are charging ~$14.95-a-pop for the scores.

I complained by e-mail and was told "you only get one free Experian report with score during the trial membership".

Their websites says something completely opposite.


Not sure yet how I'm going to handle this one ... but be advised of this scam.

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There is a second problem with this service as well. I am signed up for the Gold membership, but now when I try to get a new report, it tells me that I have to pay $12.95 for it, even though I'm supposed to get unlimited reports. I thought maybe my subscription had run out, so I tried to renew it, and it said I already had a subscription and it wouldn't let me renew! I've emailed them but haven't heard back. It's not right!

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Why not just get "free" Experian credit reports???

I check my mail about once a week and my private mailbox is always stuffed with free credit reports directly from Experian.

And the cool thing about Experian is that a Report Number from their credit report can be used online and is valid for like sixty days or so.

And since I am always getting "free" Report Numbers, I can check my Experian credit report about ANYTIME I want to.

I haven't paid a dime in years to Experian and I enjoy checking my credit report online ANYTIME I want to for absolutely free.

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