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If you do not make the minumum due on your credit card but do make a lower payment will that affect your credit report?...I mean say the minimum due is 50.00 but I pay 10.00 dollars will they report 30 days late next billing cycle?

If you cannot afford fifty clams a month, then some drastic measures have to be taken to reduce your operating expenses.

Like, no cable TV. No fast food. No movies on the weekend, no beer, etc...

My first apartment had no TV, no VCR, no computer, no telephone. And not even furniture, except a bed. I ate my food on the floor for a long time. I didn't even have air conditioning in my car and that is a big drag when living in south Texas.

Unless you are unemployed, making the minimum payments ought to be the highest priority. Although there are alway circumstances beyond control. I have been there before too...

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