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Desparately need legal help on this

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Filed ch7 over 2 years ago. Had car, still have car and haven't missed any payments. Filed to reaffirm but bank dropped the ball on their end and it never made it to the judge, they 'forgot' to show up in court.

In January this year I fell behind 45 days but brought it up current. My statement balance went up on the loan this month so I checked it out. They added a $275 collection fee for the late payment in January, which by the way is more than my payments. Called the main office today and told the lady they can't try to collect on an account that was discharged. She said they weren't collecting the fee, they just added it to the account. What?????

I only have 3 payments left (hal-lee-loo-ya) so when I make my last "regular"payment they can keep my title because I owe a $275 collection fee that they legally cannot try to collect?

Any advice or help on this is greatly appreciated because I'm clueless on this one.

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Hmmmm....this is a toughie. I think they can add late fees to existing loans, just like credit cards and you are obligated to pay them. This sounds like the same kind of thing, whether or not this was included in a BK or not.

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