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Bankruptcy and Debt Validation


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Due to employment issues I have started the process of filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 7, most likely). I have over 70K in CC debt, incurred from trying to pay bills over the last 2 years. Since future employment opportunities could possibly be nixed by a credit check, I would like to explore every option before I actually file and it is too late.

One creditor, AMEX, is due over 35K and I have been contacted by a collector (Not sure if it is internal or 3rd party) looking to settle for about 13K. I have read about Debt Validaion from this site, and was wondering for a debt this large and a creditor as well organized as AMEX, what are the chances that a collector would have all the info necessary to validate this debt? Are there any other options if they provide all the necessary information? Are there any negatives if the attempts to validate fail?

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