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Bankruptcy process begun


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I have already contacted an attorney and have begun the process of filing for Chapter 7. However, since the attorny's fees are $1500, up front, I will not have him paid until June, and should start the actual filing by then.

I was assigned a case number from my attorney to give to my creditors for reference if they call, and have done so for the creditors I have chosen to include in my chapter 7.

If it is determined that my employment status will pick up by my filing date and my salary is substantial enough, is there is a possibility that the BK could be commuted to a Chapter 13? Would it be better to work with the creditors in a settlement rather than risk a Ch13 and have a BK on my credit report? What harm would it do to my filing if I contact my creditors at this point looking for a settlement? If I do get a settlement, what is the impact if I cannont maintain the settlement terms and have to file BK at a later date?

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