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Question Regarding Charge Off's vs. IIB


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Hello All,

I have a question regarding charge offs or 30,60,90,120 days late vs. Included in Bankruptcy. I filed for Chapter 7 BK in August of 2003 and Discharged from Chapter 7 BK in December of 2003. I received my 3 CR's several days ago and noticed that several of my credit card accounts in the, "Account Status," portion of the reports has many of these acounts listed as either, Account Charged Off as Bad Debt," or as either," 30,60,90 or 120 days late." Do I have the right to contact either the creditor or the CB's to have these accounts in the account status sections of the CR's to show, "Included in Bankruptcy?" Also who should I contact?

Thanks for All You Help Everyone,


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