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What can go wrong on closing day and after


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Hi all,

two quick questions. I closed last week. My broker told me that I had bring in a check for a bothersome collection of $125. I bought the check but no one ever asked for it. So I still have it but i notice in my loan papers it specifically says that it could be open at closing but it had to be paid for me to qualify for the program. Could they cancel the loan later if I have not taken care of this.

Also, there was a young couple at the closing offices and the wife was crying up a storm and I overheard a gentleman tell the couple that they would need about $2600 dollars more. How can this happen? I wasn't told what I needed until about 1 hour before my closing time and the amount went down like 1500 dollars by the time all the papers were signed. What causes problems like this?

I thought when you were assigned a closing date that all T's and been crossed and all I's dotted.

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