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E-mail addys for NCO or Asset Acceptance????


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NCO has you send email via their website:


Asset Acceptance:

Deborah Everly - Vice President of Marketing and Acquisitions


Lambert, Edwards, and Associates, Inc. - Public Relations (no, they are not a law firm)


Thanks Doc. I had founf the one for Asset earlier and was worried that they were a law firm. Didnt want to touch that one. But, since they are not....off to write a nasty nutcase letter. :twisted:

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Check out their website www.lambert-edwards.com. Might give you some insight to how the company handles public relations matters. You can probably quote their mission statement in your email....

I sent this to both Asset e-mail addresses about 5 minutes ago. Tell me what you think..............

RE accts. # and #

I am writing to inform you of my intent to file suit against your company. In January 2004 I was contacted by your company concerning the above mentioned collection accounts. I have no knowledge of these accounts. On March 5th, 2004 your company signed for a certified mailing requesting proper validation of the accounts as allowed by federal law. I asked that you specifically send me proof of the alleged debt in the form of a contract or other instrument bearing my signature, as well as proof of your authority in this matter. On March 13th, 2004 your company responded with a computer printout of your "collections screen". According to the Federal Trade Commission, a computer printout is not proper validation. As of April 13th, 2004, I still have not received proper validation. After being in receipt of my dispute and request for validation, your company failed to notify the credit reporting agencies of the dispute and willingly updated the account with false and unverifiable information. On March 29th, 2004 an agent of your company signed for a certified mailing notifying them that they were in violation of both the FDCPA and FCRA and that they should remove all references to these accounts from my credit reports immediately. As of today, there have been no changes to my credit report. I have complete and thorough records of the violations and am prepared to protect myself and my rights from unscrupulous debt collectors. There is no question that you have willfully violated my rights, and that I could bring suit against you immediately. But, I am assuming that your staff received my certified mailings and were unaware of the gravity of this matter. I am giving you the opportunity to enlighten your staff to such dangerous actions and to make right thier wrongdoings. Let me state again, you have failed to validate the debt and have failed to place the accounts in dispute status, yet continue to maliciously report unverifiable information to the credit bureaus after signing for certified mailings. You are currently in violation of both the FDCPA and the FCRA. I demand that you remove all references to this account from all of my credit reports immediately. Failure to do so will result in my invoking my rights to file suit pursuant to to the FDCPA Section 813 as well as the FCRA section 616 for defamation of character, financial injury, and violations of federal law. Furthermore, please be advised that you are attempting to collect on expired debts. I am invoking my rights to cease you based on factual law that the debts in question are legally expired under the Statutes of Limitation. Additional attempts to harm my credit rating after you have been informed that the debts are invalid is a direct violation of the FDCPA and will be met with every recourse available to me. Lastly, please be advised that I am forwarding a copy of my complaint as well as my proof to the Federal Trade Commission, the South Carolina Attorney General, the Michigan Attorney general, the American Collectors Association, and the Better Business Bureau. Please understand that this is a very serious matter, and your company should govern itself accordingly.


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