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VL andswered with a printout


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I lost myself in the archives. Maybe some one can guide me here. I had sent a validation letter to a credit agency which responded with a simple computer printout. I would like to respond to this but cannot find a proper letter @ http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/index.shtml Is there such a letter I could just copy and paste or shall I resend my first letter again?

Thanks for taking the time to read and to write back.


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Hi Chase,

Hi bellatragedia,

Thanks for the welcome!

Sorry for making you confused. Let me try to express myself better.

I am trying to go through the Debt Validation Strategy.

The first step is to send a letter requesting validation to the collection agency, which I did. In response to this, the CA sent me a computer printout, not a validation.

I am looking for a letter to answer the Ca back. They might have misunderstood what the letter meant (yeah, right!). As you see, I am not really good at writing and I was hoping to be able to find something on the site that would say something like this (but in a more fancy way :-) :

Your response to my letter is not a validation of debt but simply a printout. Please, send me either:

Proof that the collection company owns the debt/or has been assigned the debt

Complete payment history, starting with the original creditor.

Copy of original signed loan agreement, credit card application.

Maybe, attached to the new letter I could send your letter, chase.

I hope, this makes more sense.


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Here....try something like this. Include a copy of the letter I gave you a link to above (the Wollman opinion letter)




123 Main Street

Tulsa, OK 12345

NiceTry Collections

123 Validation Road

New York, NY 12345

Re: Account #xxxxxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern;

I recently received a response letter from your company regarding a debt validation request I had previously sent to you. While I appreciate you taking the time to send me a printout, you did not offer me any true validation to this debt. Stating that xxxxCorp placed this debt with your company does nothing but tell me something that I already know you’re claiming. I do not believe this debt is mine, as I do not recall ever having an account with any of the companies listed. Please see the enclosed FTC opinion letter, stating that a computer generated printout is NOT considered validation of a debt.

In my previous letter, I asked for the following documents:

· Agreement with your client which grants you authority to collect on this alleged debt.

· Documentation verifying that I did in fact have an account and outstanding balance from this company.

· Copies of a signed contract or an instrument bearing my signature.

· An explanation on how a calculation was made on what I purportedly owe.

Enclosed is a copy of my original letter and your response.

If none of these things are readily available to me as a consumer, how can I know I am paying for a debt that is actually mine? If you have these documents, please send them to the address listed above. Per FDCPA law, collection activity must be ceased until verification of the debt has been received by the consumer. Please only contact me by mail and only if you have pertinent information regarding the origin of this debt.

Best Regards,


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Actually, here's one I tried with a paid collection. I sent it via email so normal customer reps wouldn't just throw it away. It worked like a charm - my account was delted from the CRAs within 24 hours. :) :) :)


Ms. Collection Lady,

I am writing today because of an account I found on my credit report. I have tried to contact your company several times via US mail, but I have still received no response. This is my final attempt before filing complaints with the BBB, Attorney General, and ACA.

Last year sometime, I pulled my credit report and noticed a collection account from your company. I was surprised and shocked to see the collection listing because I did not recognize your company's name and did not remember ever having a past due account with the original creditor. But, in my thinking I had looked over an old account, I immediately contacted and paid your company the full amount due.

In my research of this account, I cannot find ever having a past due account with the original creditor. I even had an open account in good standing with them before paying your company, so it is highly unlikely this negative account was even mine (why would they open an accout for me if I was presently delinquent with them?). I am not asking for any refund or anything of the sort - that is water under the bridge that I don't care about. However, this collection account is still listed on my Experian credit report and is both effecting my credit rating and humiliating me when someone sees it. The account does say 'paid', but a collection account is still a collection account.

I would like one of two things to happen now.

Delete all listings of this account from all Credit Reporing Agencies, specifically Experian. (The other CRAs researched this account and found that it is not mine). However, I would also like assurance this will not be re-entered in error on the others.


As entitled by the FDCPA, I will ask for full validation of this account. Case law states this includes a contract or other instrument bearing my signature, a full accounting record beginning with the orginal creditor, and a calculation of the amount that I supposedly owed, including fees added by your company, and documentation showing your company has/had the legal right to collect on this debt.

I will be looking forward to your response to this matter ASAP. Again, I must mention, if no response is received within 7 days, I will file complaints with the mentioned companies and possibly begin the court process.

Best regards,


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