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It's like pulling teeth ! Anyone pros have any advice?


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Okay I'll break it down

I have a collection for 85 dollars from culligan water, one of those machine thingys, was at an office where I worked, I signed because I was the only one there at the office with 2 other people and my boss at the time said go ahead and get it and he will pay for it. And he did.

However the company went out of business in 98, and they came and pickedup the water machine but now theres that collection on my report(apparently for 2 bottles of water never paid). I sent in a DV after first finding out about this in DEC and on that DV I sent, they hand wrote where they got the debt and sent tha DV letter back to me. I disputed several times with CRA's and it always comes back verified.

So on Feb 9th I get a collection bill from Gulf Coast Collection who is the company I DV with.

The acct # has now changed and the letter says this, and I'll make it short

the letterhead is GulfCoast Collections:

Dear SamIam,

"B&B acquistions has purchased the above referenced acct from the above Previous Creditor -- Metris Direct -MCVISA---. B&B acquistions has placed your account with this agency for collection (Well who? B&B or Gulf coast?"

We reconize you may have difficulty...blah, blah blah..

This is an attempt to collect... blah...

"Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this letter that you dispute the validaty any portion therof, this office will assume this debt is valid..blah blah..

If you notify this office within writing within 30 days we will mail you a judgement or verification. and name and address of the original ceditor..."

That letter was dated Feb 9th, I sent CMRR that they recieved on march 3rd, within 30 days

So after the 30 days I sent a CMRR with 3 DV copies and the above letter and some court papers that I filled out and threatened to send off because they verified with the CRA within 30 days of my dispute back in Dec and January.

So today I get this letter.

From the VP of Gulf Coast saying that I was right but since this debt was sent to them in 1998 and you confirmed your address to us in Dec of 2003 you did not request in writing within 30 days of the letter we sent you in 1998 this FDCPA violation does not apply.

My question is this

The account has a new # from the letter I got on Feb 9th and talks about the B&B acqusition above, and that letter states I have 30 days to dispute which i did.

Was this debt sold? if so why is it still under the letterhead of Gulf coast

the letter i received from them says I have 30 days, so im thinking its been sold, they recieved my dispute from that letter on march 3rd, its been over 30 days and I get this letter from the VP, no name or address or anything.

Can someone please help me as to what to do next?

So to recap:

I sent 3 DV to GulfCoast dated all the way back to DEC 2003

On Feb 9th I get the letter with the new acct # and that B&B has purchased this debt but that still is on the Gulf Coast letterhead

March 3rd I send in a DV and state the copy of the attached collection says I have 30 days.

I hear nothing, after 30 days from receiveng my DV..

April 6 I send CMRR with all my copies of DV and pre-filled out lawsuit papers

Today April 14, I get the letter from the VP saying I didnt respond back in 98 so there is no violation.

So what about the letter i got saying B&B has purchased this back on Feb 9 and they recieved my DV on March 3rd, (within 30 days) and no verification..

I appreciate any help

Desperate in Florida

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By Florida Statute, this is past the SoL of 3 years. Tell them to take a hike as it is uncollectable under State law.

Check your CR to see if they are trying to re-age it. If they put tradelines on your CR and the dates are not from 1998, tell them they just violated the FCRA and the FDCPA and you'll sue them for $2000-$4000 unless they remove the tradelines and go away.

Also tell them that you were not an officer of the company to which the service was provided by Culligan and the company no longer exists. Pursuing it against you constitutes fraud.

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You signed the paperwork as a receiver of property in the name of the company you worked for. You don’t owe them anything. Receptionists sign for things all the time, and in the event the company goes belly-up, they’re personally liable? I don’t think so.

I would report them all to your state Attorney General.

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