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judgment problems

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I have 2 judgments & my husband has 3. when we file ch 7 can the lawyer ask for motions to vacate?

also one of my judgments was for something stupid, I should have won, but was not given a fair chance to prove my case, anyway a person in my old town sued me for 3,000.00 and won, I have no property & am behind on all of my bills. I filed out my exemption notice, and thought it was all over with...now 4 months later I get another notice from the sheriffs office, that the guy wants another notice of exemptions......how often will this happen??? does he think all of a sudden I own a yacht or something????? I know this can go on until I file ch 7...I was just wondering , every month every 6 months, once a year??? what a pain, I guess the guy just wants me to have to go to the sheriffs office every couple of months & fill out the thing again....also when I file ch 7 & list him, I bet he will object......what a jerk he sues me for 3,000.00 he paid for a trailer, when after he paid the last payment I never heard from him, & could not find him for 8 months, my house was being foreclosed on, so I had to remove the trailer....to top it all off he lived in it for free for 10 months while making the payments to buy it....so I feel he owes me 350.00 a month times 10...that is what I was renting it for before we made the deal for him to buy it...so he owes me 3500.00 for rent I owe him 3000.00 refund for non delivery...so by rights he owes me 500.00 & he sued me, the gall of some people!!

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Yes, your lawyer can file for the Motion(s) to Vacate, but he cannot do so until AFTER you get your discharge.

As long as the debts your attempting to have discharged were not incurred due to fraud, criminal activities, or drunk driving, then they can be discharged. The Trailer Troll will lose and you won't owe him anything.

The 'debtors exam' stuff you keep getting can keep happening almost as often as he wants. Every 6 months is not unheard of, even every 3 months. However, if its too often it becomes harrassment and abuse of process. Once you file for BK he MUST stop, but until you do, keep filing the exemptions !

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