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Lost 2 more on TU...only 1 more to go

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Disputed 3 tl's on TU, Monday online. As of this afternoon 2 of the 3 are gone. 1 was a paid medical ca and the other was a Cap1 paid co. The last thing on my TU is 1 cc tl that is showing 2 late payments. The worst thing about it is they are showing lates in June & July of 2003 yet the account was closed & paid in full in 2002. They verified twice last year so we will see this time what they do.

I'm so happy. Will wait to see if they other gets removed and then pull a new FICO. When it was run for mortgage in January it was a 656. I have since paid utilization way down (should be updated soon) and these 2 negative tl's are gone. Hopefully it will put me over 700 then I will try for 1 or 2 prime cc's and close out CCB & my HH blue bubbles card. Funny thing is PG score went from 638 down to 622 with the only change being those 2 tl's dropping off. Now in their reason's my utilization is playing a bigger factor. Won't be for long once it all updates.

Thanks again everyone for all of the advice & help. My reports are all 3 very close to being clean & all scores should be over 700 finally!!



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