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How to dispute to CRA's?

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Would like to dispute a couple of things on reports to try to get removed. Do not know how to go about doing this and reasons to give.

As Follows are things I would like to try to get removed:

NCO Financial

Date Opened 9/99

Balance $262

Cross Country Bank

Date Opened 11/96

Defaulted 10/98

Balance $672

Should fall of 10/05

Asset Acceptance

They purchased my Providian Acct. & tried suing me last spring but I had SOL defense & haven't heard from them since.

This 1 also should fall off 10/05.

Public Record unsettled judgement (I have know idea what this is)

Filed 1/99

Or should I leave them alone? I'd really like to get a home loan next year just need to get HB scores up & possibly remove these from reports.

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For the collection agencies, you might to do a copy and paste and put them in the Debt Validation forum.

The Debt Validation forum is loaded with posts and threads of people who successfully used debt validation to get old (and new) collection accounts removed from their credit report.

You may want to devote a bit of time to surf through those posts and threads. It is a pain but it will definitely be worthwhile.

Same goes for Debt Settlement.

If you are short on time to utilize credit repair on Cross Country, you may want to try for debt settlement. That is actually a low amount so may want to cut a deal for like 20 or 30 percent of that which also includes getting that trade line removed or unrated.

Lots of people in the Debt Settlement forum have gotten good deals cut based on their terms, which also included getting the trade line removed.

Now for you public record, that is a bit tricky. You have to go down to your county courthouse and get a copy of the actual public record.

Every public record is different but it is VITALLY important that you get a copy of it. And then scrutinize EVERY single piece of information on that public record. Odds are, there is some kind of technicality there in which you can use as leverage to get it removed. But you have a copy of that public record in your hands.

And then write back and detail what is on your public record.

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