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OC has no paperwork - DV?


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Have a charge off from Home Depot I just can't seem to get removed.

Recently talked with a friend who works for Citigroup. Seems they took over all Home Depot accounts the end of last year from GE Services. She said she gets calls all the time from people needing receipts or statements from before they took over the accounts. My friend said that they can't get any kind pf paperwork on accounts for the time before they took over. She said that she's talked to a ton of people who call her saying that they called and/or wrote GE for receipts or paperwork and that they just tell them to call Citi, that all consumer files were transfered to them. Only Citi doesn't have anything before the transfer, just records from the time they took over to current.

So here's my question: I've read on here before that you can't DV an OC, that they don't have to provide validation. BUT what if they don't have any records as in the case with Home Depot?

They wouldn't have a contract or checks with signatures so how can they prove a debt is mine other than them just "saying" it is?

If I sent a DV to the OC and they don't respond, can I send that to CRA as proof the debt is not valid or will it be rejected since it is the OC and not a CA?

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