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Need Opinion on Canada Student Loan reflecting Equifax


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Hi! I am a student live in Vancouver BC Canada.

I've applied BCSL and NSL.

BCSL amount 729.00 opened on 2002-01

CSL 1506.00 opened on 2002-01

The first Credit report I purchased from Equifax Canada was Nov 03

My score was 624 the buttom 10% Canadian -_-||

and I started to repay me loan

On Jan 04 I purchased my 2nd Equifax Credit report.

My score was down to 617. buttom 9% of Canadian.

I did start repaying them. And how can this be?

BCSL balance 522.00 with 1 30 late late 1 90 days late.

CSL 3425.00 opened 2003-07 Balance amount 1626.00

And there is another CSL pop-up saying

CLS 3306.00 opened 2002-01 Balance 3306.00

I felt this is crazy. I know I did repay a lump sum of 1800.00 on the CSL.

Where the hack is this 3306 pop up? and or where is this 3425.00 pop up?

Today April 20th 2004 I purchased another Equifax Credit report.

My score is 635 and I am 22% buttom of Canadian.

BCSL balance 380.00 remaining

CSL 3425.00 with 1503.00 remaining

and this weird CSL of 3306.00 says balance amount of 3306.00

Who is screwing me? The Equifax or the CSL?

I know at this point I have only 332.82 of BCSL remaining(I phoned them today) and roughly 1380.78 for CSL. Where the hell did I get another 3306.00 of CSL from?

Should I pay off the BCSL of 332.82 right the way since it had 30-day and 90-day late histroy. Is it better to close the account?

I am paying 50 bucks both BCSL and CSL. That's about 100 dollar Canadian I am paying per month. And it's almost all the part-time money I worked for.

Can someone with experience tell me what is going on on my credit report and how to rebuild it better? A thousand thanks.

P.S. My Friend is buttom 1% Canadian. Is he helpless?

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