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How to remove inquiries?

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I have heard several people mention this on this board, but I have no idea how to do it. Does it work for all three bureaus, or just Equifax? Also, is there a certain amount of time after an inquiry shows in which you can remove it, then it becomes fixed?

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You can just call up EQ and tell them the inquiry(s) was unauthorized and normally if you dont have an account with the inquiry in question, then they will delete it.

EX you can call up and ask for the fraud dept. and tell them the same thing. They may put a fraud alert on your CR which lasts for 90 days and will potentially make it difficult for you to apply for instant credit. But if you dont plan on doing so, or dont mind having the fraud alert on,then by all means call em up.

TU is a PITA. You can send them letters asking them to remove the inquiries and usually they will just send you a letter back stating that they dont investigate them. You can send them back a letter demanding deletion as the CRAs are to investigate EVERYTHING a consumer disputes on thier credit file....including inquiries.

They might do it....they might not.

I had success with that a long time ago, so......

Hope that helps! :p

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Becareful when you dispute inq's. I read on this or another board about a month ago that the cra actually did an investigation on an inq dispute. The person that had initiated the dispute almost lost the new cc account because of the dispute. The cc company thought that maybe it was fraud and was going to cancel the new account. They eventually got it straightened out. Chances are that won't happen but you never know. Once in a while the cra's actually do an investigation. If you are using PG then you can get inq's bumped off of EQ & TU just by pulling daily.

Good luck!


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