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Documentary About Credit Cards


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My name is Michael Schreiber, and I am a producer working on a documentary about credit cards - how they are used and their role in our society, among other things. The film will be broadcast nationally on television.

I am interested in speaking to people who have come to use credit cards to make ends meet, and then due to loss of income, illness, or other circumstances, find their debt to be spiraling out of control. Some of the things we are interested in learning about are:

- How long have you been using credit cards?

- Did something happen that caused the debt to spiral?

- rising interest rates on credit cards

- rolling over balances to other cards

- collection calls and letters

- use of credit card checks that come in the mail

- Payment history - were you making minimum payments on the cards or


- your understanding of the card agreements

- over limit and late fees

- credit card companies raising or lowering credit limits

- if you are using the cards as a financial safety net, what would you do wihout them?

- have you considered bankruptcy?

- have you participated in credit counseling services?

- What do you use the cards for? How much of your credit card debt is based purchases that were necessary to make ends meet and and how much was elective?

- general cost of living in your area - do you have a family to provide for? What are the big expenses? Mortgage, health insurance, car payments, child care?

- are you currently using your credit cards?

I'm sure that there are lots of other issues to discuss with regard to credit cards, and if you are interested in speaking with me, feel free to include them. If you are interested in talking to me, I'd be happy to tell you more about the project we are working on - where it will appear and when.

You can reach me at efproductions@yahoo.com or 917.435.5287. At this point, it would probably be most helpful to drop me an email, telling me a little bit about your situation, and the degree to which any of the issues I mentioned above apply to you.

Thanks very much for your consideration,




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