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NCO Medical collections


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I have 2 collections showing on both EQ & TU for the same account.(Twice on each Bureau)

They all show the same account number.

One is for $163 the other is for $31.

The old dunning letters I have show this as one account for $194 (Two separate charges).

My question: Can they split these two up?

Wouldn't that be the same as a CC company reporting separately for different charges on the same card?

How do I dispute in this situation?

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same situation here. med bills usually have one charge for the hospital and a separate charge for the doctor. this is especially true for emergency room visits.

sometimes nco will collect on both at the same time combining them, but when they report, it's separated into the two different accounts.

also, as in my case, nco bought my accounts from the hospital and dr's.

so they can collect the total, but they still report mine separately.

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