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Is CA legally req to report to OC a payment

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I have 2 First USA accts that are currently showing on my CR as charge-off with a balance due. However, I settled with the CA that was handling the acct. after CO. One was settled over 6 months ago but still shows a balance. The other was only settled last month.

So, is the CA legally required to report to the OC that the acct is paid in full? I have a letter from the CA that says it is.

I would actually like to get it totally deleted, so is it a better approach to just send a copy of the settlement letter to the CRAs and hope they delete it or is this a waste of time? I'm thinking that the CRAs would just send a report tot he OC saying I claimed a zero balance and the OC would answer; no, there is a balance, because the CA didn't tell them.

But several people on this board seem to indicate they have had accts totally deleted just by disputing the acct as "not mine" with the CRAs.

I'm confused as to which way to handle this.

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There is no indication that the CA owns the acct. In fact their letter refers to the OC as "our client".

So which is the better approach to get the acct deleted,

dispute with CRA, OC or CA?

The goal is to get the acct deleted rather than they change

the balance to 0 and still show it as a charge-off.

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Most OC's and debt owners have online access to view the status of accounts in collection.

Ya, but the problem is the CA got the payment but apparently has not reported it to the OC as paid.

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