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Okay...I'm Ready To Sue....Help Me Out

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Okay everyone, I think I'm ready to sue. I'm trying to decide who I should go after and if I am looking at this the right way.

This involves a repo from Ford Motor Credit and the credit bureaus (Transunion & Equifax).

Let me give you some background on the situation.

I had a vehicle repo'd by Ford Motor Credit back in 2000. They tried to say I owed them a deficiency balance of $7,525. I was thinking "eat sh*t". Anyway, I couldn't have paid it if I wanted to because they ended up getting sued over the account in a big class action lawsuit. The settlement/judgment required specifically that they delete all deficiency balances and contact all 3 credit bureaus and have them mark everybody's account as a ZERO balance. That final settlement/judgment was entered in court on March 12, 2004. SUPPOSEDLY, they did the things required. But.....not with me. They still have it on my reports as owing $7,525. So I disputed this with both agencies and it came back as verified. WTF!!!!!!!

I called Ford's attorneys for the settlement and they all said "I'll see what I can do". Of course, they never did anything. So I sent a letter CMRRR to Ford telling them of the problem. Surprisingly, I got a letter back from their legal department that said "we will contact (actually-recontact) the credit agencies and have the info corrected". Yes, the letter actually says "re-contact" on it just like it is in the quotes "contact (actually re-contact)".

Of course, nothing still has been done.

I think I should be able to get the CRA's for FCRA violations and hopefully Ford Motor Credit for something. Am I wrong ?

The CRA's say Ford updated this info as recent as May 2004 (this month).

So, what's you alls opinions?

It's also listed as a chargeoff account. How can an account you were sued for in a class action lawsuit be a chargeoff. You were sued saying you can't collect the money. Even if they do update the account to a zero balance, I'm sure that's not gonna help my scores. Right ?

Please advise.

Thank you all.

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