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ok bk chpt 13


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Ok back in 98 husband and i filed a bk chpt 13 and it was dismissed about 6 months later. To this day we are still getting denied when we apply for a credit card. So far my husband has qualified for a mortage and a car loan

the mortage is about 6 months old and the car is about 3 months old.

we tired to apply for a ge capital card but got deined for the following reason listed on his denial letter

1. bankruptcy

2. lack of recent bank revoling information

3. lack of recent revoling account information

Now on my credit i only have the join car loan -Im not on the mortage.

the reason on my denial letter is

1. bk

2. time since adverese public record or collection

3. age of oldest account

Now i requested a copy of our credit report --this credit card pulls Equifax

so we shall see what they have on the reports when we get them

but my major question is it seems as if the #1 item is the bk --why would this give us a problem it was done in 98 and dismissed in 98 --and all of the account that we had place in the bk were paid in full by us after the bk was dismissed. In fact the account that we were behind on have that made us file the bk have been off of our reports since 2001...

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