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Judgement issues

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Local CA has a judgement that I was not served papers on 12 years ago on debt that was incured by my ex. We were divorced, but she had a book of checks on a closed account and went on a writing spree. They never even tried to sue her and she signed the damned things. She lived at the address on the checks.

Since this is so old (I just found out about it) do I have any recourse?

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I think it was in 1992 or thereabouts. They claim that there is nothing I can do legally and just pay up. But of course that's what they would say.

I sent them a letter saying that they never served me and that I was not the originator of the debt. I also stated that I would confer with an Attorney and see what could be done.

They also have about ten other items listed that I told them to suck eggs on because they were waaaaaaay passed SOL. They were from like 1986 and were not mine as well.

They have not contacted me since. It's been about a month.

EDIT: Sorry luv, the judgement is 7 years old now as I see it just rolled off the big 3..... the other items are the old ones.

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I don't even know where Idaho IS, much less what its laws are, but I did find this:


You should go to a law library and read some cases under this rule. There may be some judicially-created exceptions to the rule.

Oh hell.....unless I can work magic, I am boned......

Piss on it, I am only like 1/4 mile from their office and they can't find me, and I am moving soon. I have a UPS PO box and am under a low profile.

Ta hell with 'em. I will continue to see if I can find any tidbit that may help me.

Thank calawyer.

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