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Anyone know ER Solutions?? I cant find an address

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I just cheked my credit report on experian. I got a collection of 117 bucks fom when I went to the ER for a burned face. But, I was covered under state insurance-but thats another matter.

I have NEVER got any letters from them. I can't find any numbers anywhere to send them a DV.

This pisses me off, they put it on my credit and I haven't got any letters or calls from them!

Isn't that a violation of the FDCPA?

Does anyone know the address to them? Even yahoo search can't find it! :evil::evil:

edit: it says account status: Closed

Date Open: FEB, 2004

Balance date, April 06, 2004

wtf does that mean? I hate EX

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Call the credit bureaus - they might have the address on file so you can at least figure out which city they are in. You have to be able to contact creditors who report on your credit report. Once you have that, then you can try yp.yahoo.com (yellow pages).


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