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Too late to include into a lawsuit in the making ?????

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Filed BK Jan of 1999, got final discharge papers April, 1999.

Pulled my Credit reports October, of 2003 and noticed a soft inquiry with a potential NPP, it was coded an "AR", from a former OC, this account was totally closed and discharged.

Naturally, I make the decision to go thru the normal inquiry confirmation procedure to see if they have NPP. Result: as expected plenty of stonewalling.

Anyway, my target date is fast approaching for OC's lawyers to reach a decision or answer it in small claims court....

Then I happened upon an old record filed away with some miscellaneous papers (shoot, misfiled it!) and noticed the same OC pulled another soft inquiry on an earlier date (February of 2000). The other soft-inquiry pull was on December of 2002.

Question: You experts think including this Feb.-2000 soft inquiry pull is too late to include into the lawsuit?

The original focus being yapped about to the OC's lawyers was the soft-inquiry NPP is dated Dec-2002)

Anyone experienced a similar situation? I would love to hear your insight and experiences)


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