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Can judgements be removed?

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I was sued for $975 med bill. The judgement was against me in May 04. I have sinced made arrangements for payment of the bill. This is my bill--yet I was not sent a bill for the balance. Even the payment arrangement does not state the full balance--will clear that up in the morning.

Anyway, the judgement has hit my cr. Is there anything I can do to get this judgement off of the cr? Can I ask the oc to remove the judgement? Who will update the monthly payment balance on the cr?

It's my understanding that the court actually reports judgement info???

Please help...Thanks!

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im my experience, the judgment shows up on the CR because the Big 3 have people who roam the courthouse pulling such records. I.e., it isn't the OC who is reporting it. So even if you satisfy the judgment, and the OC is amenable, it could be difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible. See if your OC will agree to vacate the judgment. Offer to do the work/foot the bill. Once the motion to vacate is granted, you sign a mutual release with the OC and they discontinue the lawsuit. You take the order vacating the judgment and send it to the CRAs that are reporting the judgment reminding them that there is no judgment against you, so the item has to be removed.

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