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help public records !!!


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Hey guys, I was hoping someone here would help me.

Ok, I just pulled my experian, I have a public record against me...says grid code G (collections)

now here is the kicker, I was never served. Second, i debt validated them. They sent an original contract. That was it. Nothing else.

Lastly, this was a retail type purchase (stero equipment), that says "plus card" like a line of credit card at a store. Thus, credit card type of debt. Statue of limitations is 4 years, in the previous state I lived in OH, now live in Cali. Which I believe is 4 years as well. i believe the last payment was in 1999. So SOL is up, and looks like they might have gotten a judgement.

now how do I go about nuber one, finding out where this judgement took place. Then what ?

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weird, i looked at my creditexpert.com (experian) online service.

well, what is realy strange is that under public records its not there. But under new alerts, its says

complete credit solutions under public records.....

so get this....its says reporting court name ----- complete credit solutions.

So I don;t know what to do.....

privacy guard shows no public record.

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