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CRA'S are not all that bad???


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Round one updated my addresses which took almost 3 months. Started round 2 going with not mine across the board. Have been waiting anxiously to get my results back...what shows up yesterday. An envelope from both TU and EX, I tear them open and am surprised to see, I basically receieved good will letters from both of them????

Trans letter says we have provided the information below:

The Fair credit reporting act allows:

civil judgements to be reported for 7 years

tax liens to be reported for 7 years

unpaid tax liens blah blah blah...

Same kind of deal with EX

Thanks for contacting us.....blah blah blah, fixing your credit is free you can do it yourself, you do not need an agency....

Both complete form letters? Neither addressed any of my complaints...these both look like revese goodwill letters to me! Is this a stall tactic? This certainly does nothing for me....should I wait the 30 days and complain? Way confused here...!

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