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HELP! CA Responded to Fraud Acct w/validation


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i've been struggling with a fraud account on my credit report from an apt that i never lived in. i sent a letter to the OC and CA letting citing the FACTA law i found on this board stating the CRA has to remove any information that is fraud were a police report is provided and i acknowledge no involvement (or something to that affect). well i included copies of the police report to both the OC and CA and the CA responded with a "verification". They sent me a copy of the application for the apartment with information that is in fact correct (i.e. previous employment, residences, etc), itemized charges in which the total on the itemized sheet ($4,141.87) does not match the amount being requested by the collection agency ($4,556.06), and a signed lease agrrement with my name written in cursive but DEFINETLY not my signature. what can i do? i don't know how liens and judgments work but i don't want one. i have 5 days remaining to reply. please HELP! Also during this time how should this debt be stated on my credit report? should it be listed as in dispute? what should i be looking for to catch them on a violation?

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