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Reading Tu Credit Report

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Ok just got dh report over the weekend

And i think a charge off has been reaged but im not sure

The tradeline reads like this

Verizon wireless Mid ATL.

Profit and loss write off

updated 5-2004

opened 11/1994

closed 03/1998

Status as of 5/2004 charged off as bad debt

Have they reaged this account?

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Re-aging means that they have reported the DOLA later than it actually is. The only CRA that puts the DOLA on the report is EQ. To find out if they re-aged, you would have to call TU up and ask what it is. If it's later than what it is supposed to be (i.e. the date of the first delinquency IMMEDIATELY preceding the CO), it is re-aged. To find out what DOLA they have on file you must call TU or get an EQ report. Hope it helps, good luck!!



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