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Ok date of last payment

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Ok i got a equfax report last month and filed a dispute and just got a updated report and found another mistake that was also on the report from last month but for some reason i didnot see it.

This is what it says

Providian date opened 3/99

date of last activity 5/99

date of last payment 4/2004

I never paid them in april of 2004--The last payment they recieved from us was probably in 1999 or 98. What shall i do..

Also in looking at this updated report i see that there is a entry from Sherman Acq. for the same account, who is sherman acq and why are they listing this tradeline?

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I'm assuming this is a charge-off? Dispute all Charge-offs as not mine with the CRA's. You can DV Sherman before you dispute with the CRA's or you can wait to see if it comes back verified before you do the DV ....... different people choose to do it different ways. Errors in reporting are common but if you just dispute the error they may just fix it instead of removing the TL.

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