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Cross County Bank

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Roundup: Cross Country Bank;

POSTED: 5:50 pm EDT July 5, 2004

A Wilmington, Del., credit card company has been ordered to pay tens of thousands to consumers.

A supreme court justice in New York has ordered Cross Country Bank to pay millions to New York consumers and to stop its false advertising and deceptive business practices.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Pennsylvania attorney general Jerry Pappert filed a suit accusing Cross Country Bank of the same thing.

Pappert said the credit-card company targeted people with less than perfect credit, then hit them with undisclosed fees and then harassed them when they didn't pay.

The company has told NBC 10 that, "several Attorneys General across the country have been working together... in an effort to destroy our reputation without any regard for the facts."


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Having dealt with them, I find it very difficult to believe that the AG's around the country are conspiring to be mean to them - they have unreal "business practices" - I wish my state would jump on the bandwagon.

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