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getting closer! Just approved for cell phone!


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I know it's been said many times, but it can't be stressed enough how helpful these boards are. Over the past couple months I've been more active with getting my credit in order. The toughest part? Sucking it up and looking at those credit reports I'd been fearing. I was so surprised to see that my credit wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. Funny - it was a CA that I'm currently DVing with that mentioned to me that my credit wasn't that bad - he was trying to talk me into payments and then trying to convince me how great his agency is for reporting monthly to the bureaus instead of at the end of repayment that I have a good record of payments with them *rolls eyes* But it did give me that little confidence I needed to just order those reports and see what was on there.

My credit was aweful just a few years ago. Around 2000 I finally pushed myself to stop this cycle I was in (I'm lucky that I figured this out at 22 instead of waiting longer) I got two low limit credit cards over the past year and a half to start a good repayment history on my reports besides my loans. Now, thanks to these boards, I'm working on taking care of old debts and I'm going to try to dispute some of the old debts that are past SOL but still a year or so from dropping off, it's worth a shot.

Anyways, the point of this whole thing - I had a cell phone a few years ago and had to pay an extra $10 a month (or $200 flat at the beginning of contract) to open an account. Last night I put in an order online (I had dropped the old account last year since it didn't work where I go to school - it was a waste for me) with a different provider and was approved!! I got an email with my confirmation and it said if there were any problems with the credit check or the credit card that I entered, they'd get in touch with me. I thought for sure I'd get that email saying I needed to do/pay something more because of my credit. When I didn't have an email when I got home from class, I checked the status of my order and it's shipped already!!

I know it's silly, but it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. It's sort of proof to me that I'm finally getting closer to the end of the tunnel. I lived in that financial hole for so long that I can't believe how good it feels to not have to constantly worry!

The advice I've read on these boards has been so valuable, I can't even express how much all this information has helped me in my situation as well as emotionally.


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