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3 Canceled Appt's later still awaiting call with TU Exec

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About one and one-half months ago, a Trans Union Exec's office contacted me to schedule a time so that the TU Exec could speak with me over the phone. After receiving a letter this Spring from the Tu Exec it has been two months since one letter and one month since a reminder letter was sent to the TU Exec. I have not received a response to the letters.

The first appointment, the TU Exec's office called to cancel and reschedule.

The second appointment, the TU Exec's office called to cancel and reschedule.

The third appointment, the TU Exec's office called to cancel and reschedule.

Then, when I called at suggested times to speak with the TU Exec either the Exec was on other call or not in the office.

Later, I was informed that the TU Exec wanted to call me. So several times I was waiting for a call at specified times and no call.

The time span is many weeks. Now the latest is that the TU Exec is the TU Exec will call me sometime in the morning.

Last fall the Trans Union executive wrote:

At Trans Union we demand honesty, accuracy and integrity in all dealings with our customers and consumers.

This Spring the TU Exec wrote:

...regarding preceived inconsistencies of information contained in your file that is maintained by TransUnion

...it seems to me that it is very unlikely that we will be able to determine the exact reasons for every nuance in the files you have received ...To spend a significant amount of time to recreate your situation in order to resovle questions that really are not material issues of file accuracy does not seem to me to be the best use of both of our time and resources.

...Final decisions will be made and communicated

...We want to bring this matter to resolution

But, Trans Union is required to provide explanations as in the FCRA § 610. Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681h]© Trained personnel. Any consumer reporting agency shall provide trained personnel to explain to the consumer any information furnished to him pursuant to section 609 [§ 1681g] of this title.

After receiving the TU Exec's letter this Spring I wrote a letter including requesting to know the defintion of "...perceived inconsistencies" and to address the "...not material issues of file accuracy" statement. Also, I requested that TU explain why on two different occasions Trans Union received dispute letters and provided the results to the investigation, but failed to dispute the same two items both times. Twice Trans Union failed to investigate the same items. Another thing, several times I requested in writing the actual verification methods used. Several months later I have not received the information.

A month after the TU Exec received my letter I sent a reminder letter that the TU Exec define "...preceived inconsistencies," address the failure to dispute two times on two difference occasions, and the failure to provide the actual verification methods used. It has been over 30 days since my reminder letter, and I still have not received a response letter.

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About two weeks ago the TU Exec finally called, but had to leave a message. However, since the TU Exec did not provide a specific time that the call would be made, I missed the call.

The TU Exec's message indicated that the TU Exec wants to talk with me.

Yet, when I called to find when the TU Exec would be availible for a call, I was informed that it would be at least a week for the earliest appointment.

So, it has been more than a month since the TU Exec's office contacted me that the TU Exec wanted to arrange a time that we could speak.

One thing though, after reading one of the TU Exec's letters I am not certain in the TU Exec has actually read my letters.

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Some background info could be helpful

Just before my Small Claims court date last summer Trans Union via Next Day Mail sent me an updated credit report (supposedly for dispute results unrelated to the lawsuit) in which

·a hard inquiry from the Spring and part of the damages of

denied credit changed from VISA to CHECK CENTER. The date

of the hard inquiry remained the same.

·two disputed items that were deleted over 18 months ago were

suddenly reinserted

·a letter, that Trans Union included in the Next Day Mail

enveloped, listing the accounts being reinserted was

addressed to someone else (a name completely different

from mine) that lived on the other side of the US.

·two accounts inaccurate information changed again with a

charge off date now reporting a month prior.

My small claims case was for FCRA Violations including failure to dispute or investigate, failure to provide actual verification procedures used, and failure to indicate items in dispute among others.

Last Spring I was denied a XXXXX Visa, received a denial letter from XXXXX and the hard inquiry on my TU credit report showed as XXXXX VISA. Trans Union also sent list of companies’ names and addresses reporting to my credit report. Again the name was XXXXX VISA.

Last Spring TU’s attorney wanted to know my actual damages; I sent their attorney my denial letter. Also, Trans Union’s attorney told me that I had to prove to him that the companies were not reporting accurately. Never mind that I provided to Trans Union copies of my CMRR postcards and dispute letters to the companies and the companies failed to indicate the account was in dispute as required per the FCRA Section 623. Or a company that was providing conflicting information to Trans Union. For example, last year I received a TU credit reports in which a company reported to TU two accounts were never late and the status was of the previous month. As in previous TU credit reports, the company had never reported the accounts never late. Then, the company reported the very next month both accounts were charged off, when the accounts in fact were not charged off at the date Trans Union was reporting.

Thus, the company who reported to Trans Union 2 months after updating that the accounts were both never late, now the accounts were charged-off Keep in mind that a charge-off occurs after 180 days after being late. My previous credit reports weeks and months after the alleged charge off date do not indicate the accounts were ever late. And yes, the credit reports show updated as of previous month. I pointed out to TU and disputed the accounts that the company reported the account as never late and the next month reported the accounts were charged off which was impossible as a CO takes 180 days and the account was previously never reported late before suddenly reporting as charged off. TU just verified the info even though the TU credit reports refutes the information.

But then, the Trans Union Credit Report I received right before my court date, the charged-off date (which previously was disputed and verified) now was a month earlier. Now the charged off date was the same month of a Trans Union Credit Report where it states NEVER LATE.

I dismissed the small claims case before the hearing date and contacted the XXXXX credit card company regarding the Spring hard inquiry changing from XXXXX VISA to XXXXX/ CHECK CENTER. XXXXX confirmed in writing that the Spring inquiry was for a credit card and should appear as XXXXX VISA.

I wrote and disputed to TU for a written explanation why the inquiry suddenly changed from XXXXX VISA to XXXXX/ CHECK CENTER but received a form response letter.

The updated credit report for the dispute had the hard inquiry as XXXXX/ CHECK CENTER.

Not to forget, but the Trans Union letter which listed the accounts being reinserted 18 months later, addressed to someone else who lived on the other side of the US stated:

Re: xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx

Trans Union deleted the information you disputed on your credit

report because the source of the information did not response

within the 30-day limit (per the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act)

The disputed information has now been verified and

reinserted in your credit report.

Has anyone else had Trans Union reinsert previously disputed deleted items just before a court date?

Has anyone else had Trans Union request your actual damages, request your denial letter and than suddenly change your hard inquiry to something else?

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Last fall I disputed some inaccurate information and for the second time (the first time was last Spring) TU failed to dispute two items in my dispute letter. I received the results to the investigation, but as last Spring, Trans Union failed to provide the results or even dispute the items.

Also, this past winter a CA Chargeoff Tradeline appears in my credit report after the CA sent a letter the account was closed

In response to my dispute letter, the collection agency sent a letter that the account was closed. Also, the letter stated that if a tradeline appeared on my credit reports the tradeline would be removed within 90 days.

My credit reports previous to the CA's letter DID NOT HAVE a chargeoff tradeline for the collection agency. A credit report obtained recently after the CA's letter did not indicate any chargeoff tradeline.

But more than a month after the collection agency's letter a recent chargeoff tradeline appeared on just one of my credit reports.

The tradeline did not indicate the account was in dispute, but did indicate a recent chargeoff. By the way, my score went way down.

Over three and a half months after my dispute letter to the CA, the chargeoff tradeline appeared. Close to 90 days after the CA's letter the tradeline appeared.

As of right now, the collection agency has not given an explanation as to why the chargeoff tradeline first appeared after their letter was sent.

I have disputed the chargeoff tradeline with the one CRA.

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I wrote a letter to Trans Union in which I requested an explanation of information in my credit report. I requested the exact day, month, and year that an account first appeared in my Trans Union Credit Report. Also I requested the exact day that the account was updated.

The Trans Union Senior Priority Investigator wrote the following:

...Our goal is to maintain complete and accurate information on your credit report....

TransUnion does not maintain the specific month, day, and year that a creditor first supplies information to us...TransUnion does not maintain the specific day that an account is updated.

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