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CAlifornia question


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Ok, its my understanding based on posts here that a CA has to inform you first that they are placing on a CR.

What about pulls that bring your credit down ? I'm curious as to how people interpret this in California/

Any help appreciated


I'll try to help. I'm in CALIF as well. They, not sure if they is the furnisher of the info or the CRB that has to tell you but my understanding is within 5 days of placing something on your CR. I don't know if this applies to all new TL's inserted or just previously deleted stuff that is re-inserted. As far as the pulls go, if you are doing it it's a soft pull and has no bearing on your score but if a hard pull like when the CA or a creditor pulls then it does inpact your score but I'm not sure how much. Sorry I don't know more but i am sure the experts here will chime in.


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