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NCO, are they reaging?

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In order to get more accurate advice I will spell everything out here.

I just pulled up another credit report last night, and it appears that NCO bought my account from Bank of America.

According to the CRs;

The Bank of America reported CO (chage-off) for the last time in October 2000 (balance date) in all three CRAs, and it says the account has been transferred or sold. NCO (asignee of BOA, says Equifax) began reporting CO again in October 2003 to Experian, but the date open says Jan. 2001 in Trans Union and Experian, and "not reported" in Equifax. The funny thing is the report from Equifax. They say my account is cuurent (shows green circles with OK in it) all the way from Jul. 2003 to Jun. 2004. On the other hand, Experian has been reporting CO and the red mark begins in Oct. 2003 and goes all the way until Jun this year.

Most importantly, NCO has never contacted me therefore I haven't sent them anything in writting, such as DV, yet. I'm wondering what will be the next move for them. Should I contact NCO first before they file a law suit against me? I am also wondering if NCO violated my rights by reaging and posting inaccurate information. If they did, what should be my next move? As I mentioned, I haven't sent anything to them or heard anything from them. Thank you all for your help and priceless advice.

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NCO is reporting the STATUS of the debt - it was a charge-off when they got it and its STILL a charge-off. The date-opened is when NCO bought it, nothing more.

Unless NCO changes the date of last activity that is reported on the original creditor's trade-line, then it has NOT be re-aged.

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