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Ok, here is the deal on this one. I reviewed a copy of all three credit reports and disputed inquiries under permissible purpose. Anyway I got a response back today from Advantage Credit.

In thier response letter they included a copy of my credit file from thier company. They also enclosed a letter which I will quote a section. They state " Advantage Credit is a credit reseller within the mortage industry. As a reseller of information, Advantage Credit is not a credit bureau, meaning Advantage Credit does not keep nor maintain its own database of credit information ".

They then go on to say that the information regarding consumers is purchased from reliable sources as deemed by Advantage Credit.

They aslo say " Advantage Credit is unable to guarantee the accuracy of consumer information which is provided by the three major credit bureaus ".

My question is this, are these types of businesses covered under the FCRA if they just resell consumers credit info but not actually maintain a database.

I am a little confused on how these guys fit into the FCRA and before I go head to head with them I want to be informed on what I am doing.

Thanks again to everyone.

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