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CA Reporting Dates


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Hi, All.

Does anyone know what the CA reporting date requirements are? Are the open dates of CA accts. required to match those of the charge off dates of the original creditor? Seems I've read this somewhere on the boards. I want to make sure about this before I dispute to the CRA's.

Can you post a link if this topic is covered on the site?



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The standard way of how the account is reported is:

DOLA: Date last payment was made on account

Assigned: Date it was assigned

Date Reported: Date CA or OC first reported the TL

Opened: Date account was initially opened with OC

Closed: Date account was closed by OC

Paid: Date paid to CA

Update: Last time CA or OC added, checked, or deleted


All dates will show only a month and year as the actual date is not used. At times you will see other notations of dates, but, most are self explanatory.

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