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What about a law against making ID theft possible?


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This is exactly what I was talking about when I said "pay attention to who you do business with".


Cashed Paychecks Found In Detroit Trash

Man Said He Was Concerned About Identity Theft

July 15, 2004

Stacks of payroll checks with names, addresses and other personal information are part of a slew of documents found in a dumpster in an alley located near Rosa Parks Boulevard and Forest in Detroit.

Many of the checks, issued by Dearborn construction company Glanz and Killian, had signatures on the back and had been cashed with some dating back 10 years. Some of the paychecks even contained Social Security numbers.

Detroit police were called, who took the documents and will keep them as evidence.

Investigators identified a Redford man whose canceled check was found. His address on the check made it easy for them to find him. His address and other information was in plain view on the front of the check.

The man was surprised to find out personal information was readily accessible and hopes someone can get to the bottom of the document dumping.

Why the checks weren't shredded properly is under investigation.

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