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NEED HELP w/ Mercantile Adjustments


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I disputed this account on my CR's as not mine, well low and behold I get this letter from Mercantile Adj Bur which say's :

Dear Consumer,

Recently you contacted us reguarding a dispute you have on a NIAGARA MOHAWK account. Additional information is required to complete the investigation of your dispute.

Enclosed please find a NIAGARA MOHAWK FINAL BILL DISPUTE INSTRUCTION packet. The packet explains the documentation that will facilitate resolution of your dispute. Completion of the packet would assure that all necessary information was provided. Promptly return the completed packet with supporting documents to :


This is a communication from a debt collector.

This is an attempt to collect a debt.

Any information will be used for that purpose.

What should I do? I never sent this Collector any validation letter, just disputed w/ all 3 CB's.

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Mercantile are a bunch of law breaking bastards Im ready to sue their asses! They tried this same crap with me for an old utility bill they refuse to answer any of my DV's so I have had enough Im in Michigan and Im making them come to my home town to get their asses sued!

They won't be able to DV you tehy will just send you printed out bills claiming that is their proof...BS!

good luck

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